My All New Shop Is Here – Plus a DVD Sale!!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | April 11, 2020 | Lifestyle

I am so excited to announce my all new Shop! I am launching it with some of my newest products as well as the tried-and-true ones that you have told me you love – all of which are PERFECT for at-home workouts and at-home cooking. So check out my all new Shop today!! You will find my Stop the Clock Guides, My Strengthen, Shape and Sculpt Kit, and my DVDs… with more products to come very soon! And right now for a limited time I am offering 25% off my retro DVDs! You can work out right at home with these DVDs, which are some of my favorites!

My Shop DVD choices include:
Pilates stretching

Save 25% on my Retro 2-DVD Set!

Let’s take it back to a different time with my retro DVD set! These workouts are from my TV shows I did in the late 80s and 90s… still effective today! Get the best workouts from my Daily Workout and Fit & Lite TV shows with this DVD bundle! You’ll get two DVDs, for a total of 8 workouts, to help you shape and tone your whole body. Each Daily Workout exercise was designed to help you start your day off strong, and I do them from beautiful beach locations around the world… it’s like a virtual vacation when you watch these! Pop in this DVD to find high-intensity workouts like kickboxing, interval training, and fat burning cardio. My Fit & Lite workouts feature yoga and Pilates exercises focusing on gentle movements, so you can ease into your daily activities. These were filmed in beautiful, calming desert areas… I loved filming these yoga workouts, it was a wonderful adventure. Get this $40 value today for just $30, for a limited time!!

Pilates stretching

Save 25% on my 3-DVD Whole Body Fitness Pack!

Get 3 DVDs to create a balanced workout plan you can do at home! My Cardio DVD will get your heart pumping and help you shed weight – cardio is so important for keeping your heart healthy. Then tone and strengthen your muscles with the Toning DVD – no more drooping and sagging! Finally, use my Yoga DVD to stretch and keep your body healthy and happy! This set is all about staying fit – no matter what your age! And all the workouts can be done right at home with little to no equipment! Right now you can get this $60 DVD set for only $45!!

And if you want even more of a Challenge, try out my 6-DVD set of studio workouts – all part of my 10-Week Whole Body Plan! This set has a variety of workouts, from my 10-minute Mother & Daughter Dance routine that I filmed with my daughter Katie to my 50-minute Yoga and Total Body Toning workouts. You will easily get in 30 minutes a day with all the variety – 14 total workouts to help you strengthen, tone, and burn calories!

I hope you like my new Shop – I will be adding new products soon, so check back!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,


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