Embracing Aging After 50: 5 Age-Defying Secrets

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | June 7, 2021 | Lifestyle

Hi Everyone! We all want to look and feel our very best, no matter what age we are, so today we are going to talk about my 5 age-defying secrets! Since I am now 64, I want to help you be ageless. I know EXACTLY what you all are going through because I’ve gone through it, and I feel great!  We can move through everything together – support and conversation are wonderful motivators! During the years, as our bodies change, there are certain things we have to pay more attention to, that’s why I am here to share these tips! It’s about staying Fit Over 50 – you can do it!!!

Age-Defying Secrets:

  1. Age-Defying EXERCISES – stay strong, toned and flexible. Keeping your muscles toned and firm will help in all sorts of ways as we get older: toned muscles will help to prevent drooping and sagging, and will also help keep your weight under control, since muscle burns more calories than fat. Strong muscles also help you in your daily activities – fit and toned is the goal! We also want to make sure to stay flexible, to help minimize stiffness and promote range of motion. My 10-Week Whole Body Plan has exercises that specifically target tone muscle groups – especially ones that need extra attention as we get older, such as the stomach muscles. I also have a variety of stretching workouts to promote flexibility, balance, posture and a healthy spine. Plus there are variations and modifications so any age can participate – I want you to feel comfortable as you gain strength and flexibility! Don’t put your health to the side – you can start focusing on a healthy body today, at any age and at any level of fitness – you can do it! 
  2. Age-Defying HEALTH – it’s all about heart! It’s so important to keep your heart healthy as it will help keep blood pressure down, decrease blood sugar and lower your risk for diabetes. My easy cardio workouts are important for helping to keep the heart healthy and conditioned – my “Walk with Me” workout is easy on the joints and low impact, and my fat-burning “Level 1” workouts on my 10-Week Whole Body Plan will help boost your metabolism and give you energy and stamina. 
  3. Age-Defying FOODS – eat for your health (and your senses!). My 10-Week Whole Body Plan provides foods that will keep you feeling young, energetic and satisfied! I specifically designed meal plans that are focused for concerns such as heart health and diabetes. The meals, the recipes and grocery lists are there to make shopping, cooking and eating a healthy and tasty diet a simple, everyday part of your lifestyle! I have hand-picked meals, snacks and desserts that will keep you feeling good and staying healthy!  It’s all about staying healthy from the inside out!
  4. Age-Defying ATTITUDE – put a positive spin on life. Try these tips: Wake up and decide to focus on being positive today. Being optimistic will help shape a great attitude and improve your mood – and the mood of those around you! Carve out some time to spend with friends and family – those close connections will help  keep you feeling young and enthusiastic. Finally – take charge of your outlook! My 10-Week Plan offers positive, inspirational guidance for your lifestyle – see what it’s all about, start your free trial today! 
  5. Age-Defying BEAUTY TIPS – prevention is the best skin medicine. Keeping up with good skin and beauty regimens are also important. I take pride in having absolutely zero plastic surgery, and owe much of it to my positive outlook, proper rest, and sunscreen – all are wonderful, effective and natural ways to achieve that youthful look!  

I have designed all my DeniseAustin.com Plans and community to help all of us go through our life journey together – no matter what your age.  You are not alone! I am inspired by all of you and am so excited to have you start your health and fitness journey NOW!  So let’s get started – begin your 7-day free trial of my 10-Week Plan today to look and feel 10 years younger.

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,


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