Lift Your Buns Without A Squat – No More Knee Pain!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | April 30, 2019 | Lifestyle

Booty Workout

Knee pain is a popular topic in my Community and on my blog… and that’s because at some point, we are ALL likely to experience knee pain! Wear and tear, daily use, and other factors can contribute to knee pain. But the good news is that you can still be fit and fabulous, by doing booty workout exercises that don’t include the knee joints.

This bun lifting move doesn’t include squats, which can cause some people knee discomfort and knee pain. Instead it uses your buttock muscles to flex, targeting and toning the booty area. It’s a wonderful way to stay toned and fit while promoting whole body health with a booty workout!!! (If knee pain isn’t an issue for you, consider doing my 10-Minute Booty Lifter Workout! My booty workout plan will help to tone and tighten your lower half!)

Try these two simple and effective moves to strengthen and stretch your booty, for a toned, more lifted look!


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Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,


Video Transcription
Hi everyone it’s Denise Austin! There’s so many of you that write me that really wants to work on their buttock muscles but I squat is one of the best exercises but maybe your knees can’t take the squat so here are there alternative exercises to keep those buttocks lifted. Without any pressure to your knees.

This is my favorite one, just lie back slowly place your feet about hip-width apart, lifting up your hips and holding this position. Hold it really tight now. Squeeze the buttocks muscles, and keep your rib cage in. Don’t let your back arch like this, it’s all straight so you are firming up the buttock muscles and you’re just holding it. Put the way through the heels and relax your back and shoulders. This is a fabulous way to keep your buttocks lifted and firm, without any pressure on your knees.

So there’s no more excuse you could go up and down you can always find alternatives to keeping your body toned, firm, and fabulous. Hold it up there, just another great way to stretch the buttock muscles. Now lean your arms up and lean them forward, stretch it out through the buttocks right back here, but notice my back is straight. And then go to one side, feel the stretch and stretch it out to the other side, I always do stretches and strengthener together, that way you’re getting both areas of the buttocks to strengthen them to firm it, then to stretch it, to lean it out. Take a deep breath, there you have some great ways to lift the buttocks!

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