How To Fall Asleep Fast

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | November 3, 2020 | Lifestyle

Ask Denise: How To Fall Asleep Fast

It’s another Ask Denise – and today it’s all about sleep, so let’s look at some answers to the question “How can I fall asleep?” The timing couldn’t be better, as Daylight Savings ended a few days ago for much of the U.S., likely affecting some of our sleep patterns.

Sleep is so important to our overall health: Not getting enough sleep can mean you aren’t properly producing important infection fighting substances that help you recover from illness and injury. This can lead to cold and flu, and inhibit your body’s natural recovery process. Proper sleep also helps to produce the natural human growth hormone that maintains and repairs muscles – important for everyone, but especially important when you are being active. There are more ways that not getting enough sleep can disrupt your body, and that is why I am giving you some tips on How Can I Fall Asleep?!!

In this video, “Ask Denise: How Can I Fall Asleep?” I cover a bunch of simple tips that can help YOU fall asleep. From limiting screen time to yoga and prayers, each one can be implemented step by step, until you have found YOUR happy spot that helps you fall asleep. For more in-depth tips on sleeping, check out my Stop The Clock Fitness Guide – I have sleep suggestions, women’s health insight, lots of wonderful yoga and Pilates stretches and more… all can help you fall asleep and get the rest and rejuvenation we all need!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,

P.S. If you still are trying to get better rest and sleep and notice that your energy levels are lagging, consider a natural energy-boosting supplement such as Juvenon Youthful Energy Formula. I recently started taking this supplement, and it has given me more energy. It is a science-backed formula that is safe and effective, so learn more and see if it’s right for you! xoxo, Denise

Fall Asleep Fast

Video Transcript:

A lot of you have trouble falling asleep. Here’s some of my favorite tips. First off, make sure you turn off all your phones, your iPads and everything. One hour before you fall asleep. It really helps, that blue light is not good for our eyes. And notice in my bedroom, I have no blue light. I have no alarm clock to look at that. I try to keep my eyes relaxed before I go to sleep. If you need an eye mask, that helps a lot of people too. Also, reading a little bit, I read about 15 minutes before I fall asleep, and did you know that plants are really good oxygen in your bedroom, like a tree? Whatever you have. So do the best you can. Exercise and stretching at the end of the night does help like a little yoga, a little stretching, deep breathing, a little meditation, a little prayer whenever it’s going to take to have him have a nice good night’s sleep.

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