Denise’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | April 28, 2021 | Lifestyle

I love being a mother – more than ANYTHING in the whole wide world… raising my two daughters, Kelly and Katie, has been such a joy and a blessing. Family is everything to me, and watching my girls grow and succeed in life has been one of my greatest honors and accomplishments! Being a mother is a celebration… and for all you Moms (and as gifts to all moms!) I am giving some of my very favorite items and suggestions for Mother’s Day Gifts!

The theme is Self Care, which to me means being healthy inside and out! Some are products I have used and loved for years, others are newer to me but just as cherished… and all are ones that can help your mom – or the person who has played a motherly role in your lifetime – live a healthier, happier life!

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

xoxo, Denise


Skin Care and a Comfy Robe! What woman doesn’t want beautiful glowing skin – no matter her age? For a moisturizing skin care routine that works (I love this brand!), I would recommend Aloe Attiva skin care! It is a gel-like serum that makes skin glow and look youthful, and a face cream that is clinically proven to keep skin hydrated for 72 hours! I absolutely love this cream, my skin is moisturized, hydrated, plump, soft and and youthful! I sometimes apply a thicker layer at night as a face mask, and it works wonders. Pair this with a cozy robe, and you have the perfect luxurious gift set for mom! Bonus – right now you can save 20% off Aloe Attiva when you use code: DENISEAUSTIN

Homemade Foot Scrub. There’s something sweet about a handmade gift from your kids, and this is a fun way to help mom get her feet looking and feeling their best! Start with a pretty glass jar with a tight fitting lid. Then it’s a simple combination of a natural scrubbing elements – salt or sugar work great; a moisturizing oil such as olive or coconut oil; and whatever scent your mom likes best – essential oils in scents like lavender or eucalyptus offer a spa-like feeling, or go fun bright an uplifting with a grapefruit or lemon essential oil. Then simply add the scrubbing element to the jar, and drizzle in the oil until you get a medium to thick paste, with a little extra oil on top. Then whirl in your scent a few drops at a time until it smells great to you. Tightly secure the lid, and dress up the jar with ribbons, dried flowers or even wrap it in a nice, fluffy hand towel that she can use to dry her feet afterwards. She’ll love it! (And if you are DIY averse, I like this peppermint foot scrub!)

A Snack Basket. I looooove getting fun snacks to try out, especially if (some!) are healthy. Think back to the childhood classics that your mom liked and grew up with, and then add in a few healthy snacks to even it out. Some ideas are candies that she used to enjoy as a girl or some decadent dark chocolate; salty snacks such as individual bags of olives, pretzels or crackers in interesting flavors, or a homemade pub mix that includes the flavors and textures she loves. Then add in some healthy items, like my delicious low-carb, low-sugar EVER BETTER™ Cookie Bites, a reusable water bottle she can take with her on her on the go to stay hydrated, and even some sachets of Rejuvenate Muscle Drink – great for anyone who wants to help keep mom’s muscles strong and healthy. Then place it all in a reusable grocery tote with a cookbook, and it’s a gift she is sure to love! And right now you can save 20% of any Rejuvenate product, when you use the code DENISE21.*

Fun Fitness Ideas To Keep Her Healthy. I love getting fitness gifts – workout outfits, a new yoga mat, and trackable fitness gadgets have all helped me to stay motivated in the past. If you want to help your mom stay fit and healthy, consider gifts that make it easy for to stay in shape, right at home. I have an amazing Shape, Strengthen and Sculpt Kit that is perfect for tackling the belly and midsection, and takes just 12 minutes a day! A Membership is always a good idea – I can help her stay motivated and on track right at home! And my new EVER BETTER™ Air Walker is a an effective at-home cardio and target-toning fitness machine  that folds up and is easy to move and store. You can save on these and more in my Shop!

Soothing Spa Basket. We are allll battling extra anxiety and stress these days, so why not put together an “escape” your mom can take right at home? A lovely candle (here are some she can float in the tub!); epsom salts to help soothe muscles; some comfy slippers, plus a good book! What more can a mom ask for when it comes to unwinding and de-stressing?!

And finally, give her what she really wants: A phone call, zoom meeting, or in-person hug and a card telling her how much she means. The best gift of all!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all – xoxo, Denise

Note: If you buy something through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you! I only recommend products that I genuinely like and use. xoxo

*Rejuvenate offer good on one-time purchases only

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