Let’s Get Fit and Fab Together!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | April 5, 2021 | Lifestyle

Want to lose weight, tone up, eat healthy, manage your stress and even target tone those trouble spots so you look and feel fit and fab? Then join my Fit and Fab Challenge!!  It’s going on RIGHT NOW, it’s free, and you will feel GREAT after you complete it! This 10-Challenge has everything you need to stay fit and fab and healthy at home, and when you sign up, you get free content each day for 10 days:

  • Daily Workouts. Each day you get a new workout to help you burn fat and calories, and keep your body healthy and fit. Look forward to 30-minute studio workouts like my Super Charged Cardio Burn routine, some of my retro TV show workouts like my Fit and Lite Yoga Cardio Pilates routine, and targeted workouts for your upper and lower body. Fresh and interesting workout routines that you will want to do every day!
  • Daily Nutrition Insight. Whether it’s healthy recipes that are easy to make and offer up all the nutrition you need for each meal, or tips and insights into how to make your daily meals healthier through cooking, ingredients and prep, this Fit and Fab Challenge gives you the nutrition insight you need, now!

And my DeniseAustin.com members get two additional bonuses each day (if you aren’t yet a member, start your free trial now!) that include:

  • Targeted Moves and Exercises. These healthy exercises will help you keep your body flexible, lean and strong, and can be added to your daily workouts for additional calories burned!
  • Additional Workout Add-Ons. Members get Pilates, Evening Wind-Down Stretching, Hips and Thighs Toners and more. Every little bit counts and gets you closer to feeling and looking fit and fab!
  • Stress Busting Tips. Help manage unhealthy stress through breathing exercises, mood boosters, and more. Staying Fit and Fab from the inside out!
  • Bonus Recipes. DeniseAustin.com members get an additional recipe so every day for 10 days, you can make something healthy and delicious!

So don’t wait to become a member and miss out on all the fun bonus workouts and recipes – start your free trial today!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,





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