3 Healthy Hacks for the BEST 2022!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | January 20, 2022 | Lifestyle

I love healthy hacks – I think adding healthy hacks to your day-to-day is a great idea any time of year! Three that I think are accessible to everyone, inexpensive, easy to do (and keep doing – that is important too!) and sooooo beneficial to your health are journaling, movement, and the power of positive thinking. The below suggestions are part of my new magazine, Fit Over 50 Magazine: Make This Your Year!, available to order online and on newsstands now!

3 Healthy Hacks

  1. Keep a Journal. A journal is a wonderful way to create and stick with goals, track your daily habits, inspire creativity… the list goes on! (I love using a journal as a way to track your food habits!) They can be as inexpensive or luxurious as you like (and you can use your phone as a journal, too), but the key to a journal is to get in the habit of consistently using it. So if you like this healthy hack, and want to add journaling to your 2022, try to carve out 5-10 minutes a day dedicated to using it. Then, revisit it every evening to see what’s on your plate for the next day – and maybe add a Three Good Things habit to your nightly journaling routine, too! Simply write down three good things that happened to you that day – it’s a wonderful journaling exercise that will lift your mood!
  2. Move Your Body Every Day. Movement is key to a healthy body AND mind. You don’t have to commit to an hour-long workout every day, or even a 30-minute workout. Just start with the commitment to move, every day. It will benefit you and your health, as well as those around you – if you have kids or are a caretaker, you are more helpful when you are feeling your best. I love my FREE 3-minute toners and 5-minute workouts on my YouTube channel – they can fit into any schedule and will make you feel so good! Subscribe to my YouTube today so you don’t miss new videos when we add them!
  3. Replace Negative Words with Positive Ones. We get enough negative feedback from the world at large, so let’s make a pledge to be gentle and encouraging to ourselves! Start by replacing words like “coulda, woulda, shoulda” with positive ones. Tell yourself you WILL achieve that goal, and that you CAN do it. It really works, and fosters a positive outlook that will spread to others!

I hope these healthy hacks resonate with you, and that they help you make 2022 a great year – you CAN do it, and you ARE worth it!!

Let’s live EVER BETTERâ„¢ – together!!


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