Make This YOUR Year!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | January 6, 2022 | Lifestyle

I am so excited to announce my brand new Fit Over 50 Magazine: Make This Your Year! I love doing these magazines with Bauer – and this Winter 2022 issue may be my favorite so far! It is available to purchase online or on newsstands at your local retailers now!

How can YOU “Make This Your Year”? With simple, effective tips when it comes to your health, fitness and eating habits! In this issue we cover:

– Ways to drop the pounds – Supercharge your metabolism with my effective plan
– Recipes to help you slim down – 5-star recipes that my members love
– Self-care tips to help you stress less – Make 2022 calmer than 2021
– 60 sculpting moves to help you shrink your fat zones – Effective moves that really work

Plus entire sections on:

Fitness. Find tests to assess where you are now, so you can track your improvements; fat-blasting cardio workouts; foam roller tips to soothe sore muscles; and more – including a complete workout plan AND exclusive workouts just for my readers – scan the code with your phone and work out with me anywhere, any time!

Nutrition. Foods that burn fat, improve your memory, offer up healthy fiber and more. Look for yummy, hearty, HEALTHY winter recipes, a winter produce checklist, a 7-day meal plan to help you eat well, stay satisfied AND lose weight, and more! Everything you need to make 2022 YOUR year when it comes to healthy eating!

Health. Based on reader feedback, we enhanced our health section – so for all you women over 50 out there, don’t miss out! We cover small tweaks that add up to big changes in your health; why a positive mindset is vital to a healthy lifestyle; tips on managing menopause, battling brain fog and keeping your hormones in check; and more. Don’t miss my energy-boosting suggestions, dry skin remedies, and my Ask Denise section, too!

So don’t wait – check it out today, and make this winter your best winter yet – and 2022 YOUR Year!!

Let’s get EVER BETTER™ – Together!


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