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Denise Austin by Denise Austin | July 14, 2020 | General

Welcome Prevention Magazine Virtual 5K Walk Participants! This page includes your weekly workouts to add to or replace your daily walking. I suggest the following for the different levels of fitness:

  • Beginners – Those who walk or workout less than 2 days per week: Focus on your walks and rest days; add in 1 workout below per week if you are up to it. By week 3 and 4, try to make sure you are doing at least one of these workouts per week, to help strengthen your core and keep your upper body and legs ready for your walk!
  • Intermediate – Those who walk or workout 2-4 days per week: Focus on walks and rest days; add in both workouts per week if you are up to it. By weeks 3 and 4, you should really be doing two workouts either in addition to your walks or in replacement of them.
  • Advanced – Those who walk or workout most days of the week: Focus on walks and workouts; add in a rest day if you feel you need one. Since you are already in a place to workout most days of the week, take a rest day when you need it, but really focus on adding in these workouts to your walking plan.

And if you haven’t yet, don’t forget to sign up for my FREE 4-Week Walking Training Challenge! It is a great way to stick with your goal of doing the Prevention Virtual 5K on October 3, 2020, and can help you tone up, build stamina, lose weight and more!

Your Prevention Walk Workouts

Week 1

10-Minute Upper Body Workout
This studio workout is part of my membership, and is a quick yet effective workout to keep your upper body strong while you work your lower body during your training!

10-Minute Fit Abs and Core Workout
A strong core is important to keeping many parts of your body healthy, so don’t miss this 10-minute workout, part of my studio workouts on!

Week 2

20-Minute Healthy Back and Thighs
This workout is from my Fit and Lite TV Show, and is a fun and effective workout to help keep your back strong and healthy, and your thighs toned and ready to keep moving for the virtual walk October 3rd!

20-Minute Arms, Chest and Shoulders Workout
Filmed for my Daily Workout TV Show, this fun, retro workout will really help you keep your upper body firm, while developing those muscles to help you feel balanced and strong!

Week 3

20-Minute Abs and Waist
Let’s focus on a strong core while whittling our waistline and flattening those abs!

30-Minute Barre Toning
One of my favorites, this 30-minute Barre Toning class will help you lean, lengthen and strengthen your legs, torso and upper body. A wonderful way to create lean muscle through graceful, effective moves!

Week 4

20-Minute Beachy Bootcamp
Let’s hit the beach with this 20-minute bootcamp workout. A fun, outdoor workout that is super effective to help you burn fat and tone up!

20-Minute Balance Toning Yoga

Let’s end our Prevention Training workouts with this workout that will help you stretch and lengthen your body – a good warm up for your walk in a few days!

I hope these workouts help YOU get ready for your fun, virtual 5K on October 3, 2020! I will be right there with you doing it!! And don’t forget to sign up for my FREE 4-Week Walking Training Challenge!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,



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