Fit Over 50: Summer Slimmer Upper Body Arm Workout

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | May 11, 2021 | General

Welcome Fit Over 50 Magazine readers! Today we have a quick and effective Arm Workout! We will work and shape our arms – no more droopy or saggy underarms… it’s time to look great in our sleeveless shirts, it’s time to be able to do as many push-ups as we want, it’s time to keep our muscle tone as we get older, and above all – it’s time to feel the best about ourselves we can! So get started with my Summer Slimmer Arm Workout

This quick arms workout covers the upper body muscles, working your biceps, shoulders, triceps and more! I use 5-pound weights, but you can use what ever you have at home, so grab your weights and try my quick and effective Arms Workout!

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Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,



Video transcript:

Hi it’s Denise Austin! Are you ready for your Summer Set sexy arms? Grab a set of weights and let’s get started. The first exercise is for the back of those arms. Nice firm, sexy arms, that’s right. When you wave goodbye nothing will jiggle. So get those elbows high, press on the way up, and release. Notice my back is straight, the abs are pulled up and in, and the neck is long. Really lift those arms up, and release. These are great exercises that target the backs of the arms. That’s right, firm and sexy arms, look great in a bathing suit, sleeveless blouses, that’s it – get ready for summer!

We’ve got two more, arms stay up there, last one, and now slowly turn the arms down, baby lifts up. This is a little more upper back, too – no more bra overhang, you got it, lift those arms, two more, now we hold, isometric hold, you got it, you got it. And release, shake out the shoulders and arms.

Now beautiful biceps, working the front of your arms. Shaping and carving out those area muscles. That’s it, get beautiful looking arms. You’ve got it, right now, do the best that you can. All you’re doing is bringing your arms up, and down. Bring it up, and down. That’s it! Stomach is in, back is strong and straight, reach your arms a little further out now, there you go, you’ve got the muscles show me how you use them! That’s right, if you don’t use them, you lose them, we need all the muscles we can, you know why? Because they really keep that metabolism revved up. Summer sizzling bodies come on! We got two more, you can do it. Your back is straight, think good posture always, and release.

Now we do overhead presses for beautiful biceps and shoulders. That’s it, press up, and back down, really use your back muscles, really feel it in the back, that’s it. Carving up through the waistline, also the upper back muscles, great – shape and firm and tone up. That’s what we’re doing together. I use 5-pound weights, you can use 3-pound weights or whatever you have at home, your weights are worth that weight in gold, I promise. Last one, great.

Now for the chest muscles. Lift your arms out, and hold it back in, That’s it, pull it back in. Squeeze in your inner part of your cleavage, that’s it. Lift it back out, and pull it back in. Beautiful! Last one, lift it out, and pull it back in. And now lift up, and slowly bring down in front. Shaping your shoulders, sexy shoulders. Strapless dresses, you’ll look hot, that’s it, I promise you’ll love these exercises! You can do these each and every day, I promise, to firm the upper body. That’s it, great, we got one more, hold it up there, isometric hold, and release.

And there you have some simple exercises to firm up your arms, your upper back, and your chest muscles. Summer Set!

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