Fit Over 50: Summer Slimmer Lower Body Workout

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | May 4, 2021 | General

Welcome Fit Over 50: Summer Slimmer readers! If you want to lift that tushie and look great from behind this summer, try this lower body workout! This workout has a few quick and effective moves to help lift that rear!!! These are tried and true and PROVEN to see RESULTS! So carve out about 3 minutes today to start practicing this series of moves – all you need is a little bit of room on the floor and a mat or rug.

This video focuses on the booty, by helping to tone and firm the various muscle groups. It’s the perfect way to tone up and feel GREAT in a bathing suit this summer! I hope you enjoy it – keep at it and you WILL see results! And for more results, start your free trial of my Whole Body Plan – I have so many workout challenges and plans (including more lower body workouts), plus healthy eating menus and guidance to stay on track. I will help you build a strong, defined body that will have you feeling great about yourself this summer! You can do it – try it today!


Lower Body Workout

Video Transcript:
Hey everybody! Today it is all about lifting your seat, lifting that booty! So let’s get started to look great this summer! First of all, sitting up nice and tall, using your ab muscles to slowly roll all the way back and lift those hips right off the ground, and let’s work on that butt, really lift that seat, tuok it all in. Squeeze it, lift it, shape it, that’s it. Getting a great shape between the legs in the buttocks, giving some great shape back here. That’s it, okay make sure that when you’re doing this you’re really driving the weight through the heels, and that you’re really lifting the buns all the way up, you’ll get a really toned, lean tushie.That’s it, just lift and lower, just two more, make sure you’re really working that muscle back there – firm it, lift it, okay last one.

Okay lift it up, walk your feet together, walk your knees together, and now we’re going to do a little butt dance. You’re going to go side and side Side, and side. You’re squeezing your inner thighs together – that’s it squeeze, and tighten, and lift that rear. Lift, and shape it, really work that rear. That’s it, hips working, that’s it, really working the cheek. That’s it, great, two more, and now lift one leg up and lift, lift. Really work on that cheek, lift that side of the cheek. That’s it, your seat muscles are really lifted and toned. Last one, hold it up, beautiful! Switch legs, hold the other leg up, down, and lift up. Come down, really reach, that’s it, last one, and come all the way up, good.

These are all great exercises for the tushie. Now we’re going to really reach back and bring it in. Really reach back, and bring it in. Really squeeze, right now you’re really going to firm it up right back here. Right there, yes! Really squeeze it in, but tighten that tushie, tuck it in, really feel it. It gives a beautiful shape to that rear, really tighten it, tone it, shape it, that’s it, kind of restructure it, reshape it. Giving it a nice rounded tone to look. Now we hold it back there, hold it back, little baby lifts, little baby lifts, that’s it, now we switch sides.

Switch to the other side, these are all really proven, great exercises that work, to shape the back here, to really firm it. That’s it, really lifted! Good. Lift and tone, really squeeze the buttocks. Tighten that tushie – if you don’t squeeze it no one else will – come on! Squeeze, last one, now we hold it back there and do little baby lifts. Little baby lifts, come on, lift up through the chest, that’s it, a couple more just like that, squeeze the bottom, push it back, squeeze it, great. Hold it, and release.

Okay one last stretch, inhale, and as you exhale lean forward a little bit, feel the stretch in the buttocks, oh, doesn’t that feel great? I love it! And take a deep breath in and inhale, now exhale. You did it! Now you have toned, lifted buns with this lower body workout.

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