Fit Over 50: Summer Slimmer Thigh Workout

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | May 4, 2021 | General

Welcome Fit Over 50: Summer Slimmer readers! Here is a quick and effective thigh workout – it will really help you to target tone those inner and outer thighs, firming them up so you can rock your bathing suits, short shorts and mini dresses with confidence this summer!

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Thigh Workout – Video Transcription:

Hi it’s Denise Austin! Welcome to your Summer Set Inner Thigh workout for your legs, for summer sexy thighs. Let’s start with the first one for your outer thighs. Come down to the floor, lie on your side sitting up nice and tall, flex your foot, elongate your leg, and let’s do outer thigh toners. Lift and lower that outside leg, really feel it right here. I call it my saddlebag slimmer. That’s right, you slim and trim your outer leg. You have to make sure your stomach is in, pull It in, zip up those abs! That’s it, flex that foot, really keep it straight, elongated. Keep your heel way out there, you got it, lift and lower. We’ve got two more, last one, that’s it lift it up, now hold it – that’s right hold it, now bring the other leg out straight, and do little baby clicks, that’s right clicks. Now this is working the inner and outer thighs. Yes! Look good in your summer shorts, look at in your bathing suit, you can do it, look summer ready, you can be your best. Maybe even wear a bikini this summer, come on, you can do it with these specific exercises. Really zero in on these specific exercises for your body – really slim, really shape, and really trim it up. That’s it, last one, and release.

Now let’s go to the other side. Think about good posture now. Elongate the leg – the leg is nice and long and straight. Now lift and lower – really feel like this leg is lifting out. That’s it, zip up those abs, thinking good posture. Did you know body alignment is so important when you’re exercising? That’s it, so always feel like you’re pulling your tummy in, zip up those abs, you’re lifting and lowering your leg. Nice and straight – it’s all about the outer thighs right now. No more saddlebags, we will slim down those thighs. I promise these exercises will work, as long as you’re eating healthy – lean, clean and green. And also exercising cardiovascularly – go for walks, burn some fat, do my fat burning workouts, my kickboxing workouts, anything for cardio. Now lift the leg up, straighten the lower leg out and baby pulses up now. Lift like a V. Up, this is now working your inner thighs and your outer thighs. You got it – you’re going to look great, I promise. Do the best you can, that’s what it’s all about, and have the best summer ever. You are worth it, you deserve to look and feel your best! We’ve got one more, lift it up up up up, and release.

And bring your legs together, lift your hips off the floor, hold your body up right, and just hold and squeeze the bottoms. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze and release. Now take a nice deep breath inhale up, and exhale out. You did it – your summer set sexy legs.

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