EVER BETTER™ Body – Make The Most Of Your Walking

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | February 13, 2022 | General

Walking is one of my favorite ways to work out: It is free, you can do it almost anywhere (including indoors and in small spaces), it doesn’t much more than proper footwear and weather-protective clothing if you walk outdoors, and it’s fun! It’s also a great way to burn calories and stay fit, and can be a great way to lose weight and really tone up if you take it up a notch.

If you start with walking 30 minutes a day, you will see and feel results within a few weeks. Increase that time, add in hills, and increase your speed, and you will see and feel the benefits even more so – and sooner, too! To get the most out of your walks, consider the following:

  • Wear the right shoes – I love Easy Spirit Shoes (so much so that I am ambassador for them!). They are lightweight, stylish, supportive, flexible and lightweight.
  • Schedule your walks around when you know you can go – then stick with the plan! If you write it on the calendar, you are more likely to go… and even more likely to go if you get a friend to join you, so buddy up for your walks!
  • Bring a water bottle and keep sipping to help you stay hydrated.
  • Wear a pedometer to track your steps … every step counts, and they all add up. Many phones have a free pedometer app you can download.
  • Mix it up if you can. It keeps things interesting if you go on a new route, and also if you add elevation. If you do have to stick with the same route, mix up by power walking (go as fast as you can), doing interval walking (alternating moderate walking with speed walking), or even walk indoors sometimes (I like to turn on the TV and walk in place or around the room when the weather is bad).

I hope these tips help, and you begin to love walking as much as I do!

xoxo, Denise


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