EVER BETTER™ Body – Fun Ways To Eat EVER BETTER™ Protein Bites

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | February 13, 2022 | General

By now you probably know that my daughter Katie and I created a line of healthier cookies, called EVER BETTER™ Protein Bites! I absolutely love these little sweet treats, perfect for when I want to satisfy a craving or want a little extra boost of protein or probiotics.

(For those of you who don’t know about my EVER BETTER™ Protein Bites, I created them because I couldn’t find a snack that was soft and chewy, tasted amazing, and had healthy ingredients like nuts, seeds and probiotics, and that delivered protein without that yucky protein taste. They are like a guilt-free indulgence to enjoy anytime… you can learn more about them here!)

The good news is that you can eat these bites in more ways than just a snack! Here’s my favorite way to eat each flavor!

EVER BETTER™ Brownie Bliss! I love to warm these up a little bit (just put in a pan on low heat for 30 seconds or so) and then use as a base for a healthier version of a brownie sundae. Put the warm cookies in a bowl, add a little scoop of ice cream or frozen yogurt, then top with heart healthy, omega-3 rich walnuts and some dried cherries or cranberries (both give you some extra vitamin C) and you have a mini, healthier version of a brownie sundae! Try it today with my EVER BETTER™ Brownie Bliss! Protein Bites!

EVER BETTER™ Double Chocolate Delight! I like to chop up my EVER BETTER™ Double Chocolate Delight! Bites and use them as part of an energy boosting trail mix. I put them in a reusable container and add almonds (heart healthy and another good source of protein), pumpkin seeds, dried coconut, and dried fruit – either chopped up dried apricots or dried cherries. It’s a delicious twist on the traditional trail mix, and it gives you lots of extra protein!

EVER BETTER™ Pumpkin Spice Joy! The flavors of fall are some of my favorites, so I take my Pumpkin Spice Joy! Bites, and add them to a bowl of plain or vanilla yogurt, then top with flax seeds, and add a dash of cinnamon and a splash of cream or milk. Healthy, yummy and filling.

EVER BETTER™ Chocolate Chip Love! My newest flavor, and one of my favorites! I am still playing around with my favorite way to eat these (aside from straight out of the bag!), and so far I love to layer a little scoop of frozen yogurt between two frozen Chocolate Chip Love! Bites – a mini ice cream sandwich as tasty as the ones you had as a kid!

EVER BETTER™ Peanut Butter Passion! Because I really am passionate about peanut butter, I take the peanut butter up a level by taking an EVER BETTER™ Peanut Butter Passion! Bite, adding a slice of banana, and topping it with a little bit of peanut butter. It’s like a peanut butter banana sandwich, only way more fun!

You can get all my EVER BETTER™ Protein Bite flavors right now – enjoy!

xoxo, Denise


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