Waistline Trimmer Tips To Get Ready For Summer!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | March 26, 2015 | Workouts


Waistline Trimmer Tips

Core exercises make you look slim while they also work to protect your spine.  Your spine is your LIFELINE so it’s important to keep it strong and healthy.  This video was shot in San Juan Puerto Rico during my Daily Workout TV show and in it I show you the proper technique for a great waistline trimmer that I LOVE, that targets your oblique muscles.  Exhaling on the way down while lifting your abs up and in is the key to this, along with the right alignment.  I encourage you to watch this video a couple of times and try it alongside me and you’ll get the feeling of the right positioning.  Feel as though I’m your personal trainer, right there with you!

For the full length version of this video that incorporates this exercise into a full 30-minute workout, become a member of my plan and we can workout together every day!

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