Try This Quickie Butt & Thigh Toner!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | July 30, 2015 | Workouts



Hi Everyone!

It’s the Summer! I’m loving the hot weather and have been doing a lot of traveling, so it’s always great to have workouts that you can do anywhere and anytime. And today, it’s all about those BUNS! If you can have one more that works the back of the thighs and the butt, you will love this one. Today we are throwing it back to this tushie toning exercise for firming up your bottom half and making it your BETTER half!

This standing leg lift is one of my very favorite moves for targeting the buttocks, particularly the lower section that peeks out below your swimsuit. And we all want to look great from behind! Remember, your bottom is the last thing that leaves the room, so leave a GREAT lasting impression! By target toning your glutimus maximus, you’ll make it your glutimus MINIMUS!!! For round, shapely and firm tushie plus sleek, sexy thighs try this standing leg lift.

This one exercise gives you that beautiful contour and definition between the back of your thigh and your bun. You can do it while standing in the kitchen, at the office, while you’re in the bathroom brushing your teeth or even doing the dishes. Go for it!

Here’s how to do it. Stand tall with one foot in front of the other. With your hands on your hips, pull your abs in toward your spine and shift your body weight on to your left foot as your right foot faces behind you with the toe pointed to the floor. Then firmly but slowly lift and lower your right leg, pulsing it up a few inches while squeezing the buttock muscles as you lift, without swaying your back and then down again as you breathe normally.  Keep your toe pointed to make your thighs and calves strong for sleek long legs and helps with better form! Try and get in 15-20 full reps and then switch legs.

Remember, by pulling your abdominal muscles up and in you’ll have better balance and you’ll also be working the abs at the same time—why wait when you can double the workout in HALF the time. That’s a win-win! And if you’re having trouble balancing, don’t worry, just place your hands on a chair or even the wall for balance.

Now, if you’re looking for an extra challenge, you may want to try this exercise with resistance bands or 1-pound ankle weights. Don’t forget to SQUEEZE your buttocks!

The best part of all of the workouts in my Plan is that you can do these routines anytime, anywhere!  Your muscles don’t know if you’re on the bedroom or at a fancy gym. And if you have a smart phone, laptop or tablet, you can take me with you wherever you go and we can stay on track, keeping healthy and fit together!

Strong, well-toned muscles are the key to staying young. Let’s get fit together today!

Love Always From Your Personal Trainer,


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