It’s Throwback Thursday! Loved Filming My Show in Sedona, AZ

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | January 29, 2015 | Workouts

Throwback Thursday In Sedona

This week’s Throwback Thursday clip is from my Fit & Lite TV show. I filmed Fit & Lite in beautiful spas all over the world and it featured my yoga and Pilates workouts. This particular episode was shot in Sedona, Arizona in 2006 at the Enchantment resort. Sedona is a really magical, special place. It’s so pretty and tranquil there. It was the perfect setting for my Fit & Lite show. I’ve gone back many times because I’ve enjoyed it so much. And great hikes, too!

The Sun Salutation featured in this clip represents 12 different poses and is a wonderful way to start your day. This was filmed in the morning, a perfect time to do your Sun Salutation yoga practice.

My Daily Workout TV show also aired on Lifetime and was shot in beaches all over the world. For the full episodes of Fit & Lite and Daily Workout TV shows, 360 Plan members can go to the Let’s Move page on my website to access all the workouts. All 360 Members have full, exclusive access to the full series of these TV shows, in addition to the many new workouts I created for my plan.


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ALSO CHECK:  DRINK! DRINK! DRINK! (…water, that is!)

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