STRONG “Hot Momma” Partner Workout!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | May 7, 2016 | Workouts

Hi Everyone! It’s Mother’s Day weekend!! Katie and I put together a special partner workout for you all! Check it out below!

denise austin katie austin mother daughter workout

denise austin katie austin mother daughter workout


Thigh and Booty Toner 

A great workout to get your entire lower-half swimsuit ready!
  1. Stand across from your partner and grab their hand on their opposite side.
  2. Each of you will bend to the ground while still holding hands.
  3. Then, stand up, and switch hands. This turns into a double squat with a hands switch off.


denise austin katie austin mother daughter workout


Ab Trimmer
Now, we’re moving down to the ground to tighten those abs.
  1. Face each other on the floor, and put your lower legs together just above the ground.
  2. Move your legs in a full circle, while keeping them together, and leaning back.
  3. Circle one way for 30 seconds, and then reverse. This move really targets below the belly button.


denise austin katie austin mother daughter workout

denise austin katie austin mother daughter workout


Waistline Slimmer
It’s time for some tummy tucks!
  1. In the same position as the ab trimmer, you and your partner are now going to dodge each other’s legs while you’re crossing them back, and forth. The waistline slimmer really targets those love handle areas, and tightens it up.
Arm Stretch And Shoulder Lift
  1. Sit on the floor with your legs crossed while your partner stands up behind you.
  2. Lock your arms behind your head, while your partner holds on to them, and puts their knee between the back muscles.
  3. Try to hold the position for 30 seconds. Be sure to communicate with your partner during this — not everyone has the same amount of flexibility so communication is key here!

I love being a Mom to my two daughters!  They are truly my greatest blessing in this life and I love them so much!  This is why staying healthy is so important to me….to be able to see them through all the stages of life and be by their side….there’s no better feeling!

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Love always from Your Personal Trainer,


P.S. The winner for my 10 Week Giveaway Challenge is Barbara Todd from Facebook!  Thank you for sharing your beautiful story!

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