Say Goodbye to Bra Overhang!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | April 20, 2016 | Workouts

Hi Everyone!

This week I emailed everyone who signed up for my newsletter a FREE workout to help achieve SEXY ARMS! For #WorkoutWednesday we are going with my favorite move to sculpt your arms AND firm and uplift your bust—-the chest fly! Grab a couple of light weights (I like 5 pounds), lie on your back and try this move with me!

This exercise focuses on the pectoral muscles that underline your breast. If those muscles are firmed, it helps the breast lift up.

If you don’t have a weight bench, don’t worry, just get to the floor and keep your abs tight. Watch this video and try it along with me for tips on doing it right. Muscles work wonders on the metabolism and toning and strengthening them will help yours to remain firm, toned and sexy with no drooping or sagging! Say goodbye to bra overhang!!!

For access to the full version of this video and to hundreds of other workouts from target toning to cardio to yoga, become a member of my website! Together we will target tone every part of your body, get your heart rate pumping and get you into the BEST shape of your life! I know that you’re going to love it. We only get ONE body and it’s up to us to take care of it to live happier, healthier lives. You deserve to look and FEEL your best.

Love always from your personal trainer,


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