Nancy’s Amazing Journey to Fit

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | July 19, 2015 | Workouts


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Hi Everyone!

Your stories are all so incredibly inspiring to me. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to see your successes and celebrate them with you!

Meet the beautiful Nancy from McMinnville, Oregon! I am SOO proud of her. Nancy has been working hard and she has lost 30 pounds on my 10-Week, 360 Plan! Here’s the story of her journey…

Nancy’s First Days on the Plan:

“I tend to not stick with exercise/fitness programs, so I was concerned about the time and money for what I might get out of it. It took me a few months to really decide to jump in, but after 2 days on the plan (thanks to that first week free!), I was hooked!”

Nancy at the 9 Week Mark:

“I am finishing my 9th week and closing in on 20 pounds lost. I still have a ways to go but feel so great about losing this much! I generally have a stocky build and large upper arms so it’s hard to see a lot of “shape” on me, but looking back to the before photo I can really tell the difference! I am so encouraged by your work, Denise, and this 360 plan has been the best program yet. I plan to keep going after the 10 weeks are up because I’m hooked and have even more work to do.”

At the end of the plan, members can opt to renew and do another 10 Week 360 Plan or they can choose to go on my Monthly All Access Plan, where they can access all the workouts and recipes without having a specially-designed daily menu that is customized your fitness level and goals. Nancy decided to repeat the plan because she’d done so well and wanted to keep going.

Nancy after 20 weeks, at the end of her second round of the Plan:

“This plan is exactly what I needed for being 49 years old and someone who has struggled with being plump my whole adult life. I have now reached 30 pounds lost, my husband and kids are so excited to see a “new” wife/mom, and I feel committed more than ever to continue on with this program.”

Nancy’s final thought:

“Denise, your contagious enthusiasm is so supportive, and it makes me want to be enthusiastic to others like myself who aren’t sure but want to but use excuses. As I look to turning 50 next year, I don’t want anymore excuses!”

Aww! Wow, Nancy, you look amazing and I’m so happy that you are feeling great, too. Congratulations on your hard work paying off!

Want to join her? A new group of 360 Members starts each Monday! Start your own 360 journey today and together we will make it happen. Each day I will provide you with a daily workout and delicious meals that are fed to you breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner in a nutritious and delicious meal plan that will teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle that you can practice for the rest of your life. Start today and I promise I will make it easy for you….let’s do this together!

Love always from Your Personal Trainer,


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