Lift Up Your BOOTY!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | April 9, 2015 | Workouts

Hip Lift Progression Exercise:

Want some hot buns this Summer? And I’m not talking about cinnamon buns, I’m talking about your REAR END! For this week’s TBT video blog, we’re going to firm up our BOOTY with this Hip Lift Progression exercise!

This is one of my favorites because it really works to firm and tone your butt and thighs.  It’s all about results!  With your hands on your side and your neck relaxed, lift up your hips and squeeze your butt while extending one leg.  Then you’ll lift and lower the leg and you’ll feel the burn in your stable leg while you’re also lengthening and strengthening the leg you’re lifting.

Like with any workout, it’s all about your technique.  You want to do it right to get the most out of it and really see a difference–a lifted, toned backside and make it your better side!  With the Hip Lift Progression, be sure not to over arch your back.  Your spine is your lifeline so keep it strong and healthy.

To tighten up your tushie and get a total body workout, join my plan!  I have all new workouts and my TV shows, too.  I’m so happy all my members are loving my plan.  They are losing up to 25 pounds in 10 weeks and you can, too.

Now get out there and tone that BOOTY!  You can do it and YOU are WORTH it!

Love always from Your Personal Trainer,

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