Let’s Burn Fat And Calories With This Dance Workout!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | December 9, 2020 | Workouts

Dance Workout:

Hi Everyone! Let’s burn off some calories with this 10-minute super fun and SUPER EFFECTIVE dance workout! Co-starring my lovely daughter Katie, it is a great way to boost your energy, get your blood flowing, and burn some calories – all while having fun!

Dancing is such a great way to stay fit – it uses so many parts of the body, helping to keep your arms, back, abs, booty and legs toned and in shape! It’s also so good for your heart, and is a fun cardio workout to add into the mix. Plus, whenever I put on good music, it makes the workout fly by!! There are so many more workouts like this in my DeniseAustin.com membership area, so start your free trial today and get in shape now AND into the new year!! I make it simple and fun to add daily workouts, stretching, healthy meals and more to your lifestyle. You can lose up to 20 pounds with my 10-Week Whole Body Plan, or choose on-demand workouts to fit your goals. Any way you do it, your body will thank you!

Now put on your dancing shoes – I mean dance workout shoes!! – and let’s have FUN!!!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,

Video script:

I would love to introduce you to my daughter Katie she’s going to be leading us in a Dance Workout. Are you ready? Yes! Okay let’s take it from the top. Let’s start off simple and go single single double Single single double, single single double. That’s good Katy! She’s better than this than I am for sure. Now we’re going to go into 4 steps, 1 2 3 4 . you can get low with it too. Great for the hips thighs and butts. Woohoo! Now add to your arms. Great, works the leg that’s for sure. One more! Now we’re going to go into booty pops, to the side, yeah. Love it, to Moore, okay not taking around. Good! Now other side, I love it. Two more. And take it around, great, Shake It Out. Now we’re going to go into standing crunches. That’s it, works those abs, I love this one Okay back to Fourth cat stuffed Freddy 1 2 3 4 You can put your own spin on it to like put your booty into it, but use your arms let’s get you going. Just gets me going that’s for sure. Dance parties this is what we do at home you guys. your booty move good. Really work those hips. Two more and around. Circle circle good use the legs. Around two more and go around.

Now we are going to add one of my favorite move a Shimmy Shimmy Shake ready. that’s great. Take that. Shimmy really slow and you can feel it in your thighs Good! Love it Keep it up guys!  Two more. okay we’re going to end it with swap it out cool down good job good job guys all right. Let’s shake it out now , Twist it, twist it, it’s so fun to work out with my daughter Now if you’re at home with your family get moving get moving with me come on Get them off the couch and get moving! Okay now let’s take it down now take it down You got it works the waistline use those legs you got it not take it up Take it up that’s right woo you got it great Couple more just like that okay take it out just lift the knees thats great your back is nice and straight,  good form so important good,Just lift it. Good, two more that’s it, now little kicks Little kicks good work it Twist, twist, good, having fun dancing together, the best part of all the family that stays together getsf it together now just think abs and tight elbow elbow to the knee lift the body upright that’s good you got it you’re doing that Katie ya mom good to hear last one and Shake It Out and Shake It Out And exhale just walk in a circle walking straight and to the other side who you’re doing great Mm tap just tap it out at the armed with punches punches you got it just move the body you got it burning fat having a great time that’s good burning fat that’s it you can do this get your kids to work out with you get your hubby whoever you can two more pump the arms higher higher you got this the whole body that’s it couple more just like that last one Okay heel taps get low get low you do side heel taps okay we’re going to add some Arms here Katie push it now push it get low push it use your arms Couple more pushes great for the whole body good for the back too, booty the thighs you got it take it push it you got it two more last one okay take it up I felt that one good I did too now march it out work the spine with this, great good for you, it works the core works the torso a couple more and front cha cha front cha cha You got it woo! Now get those hips moving, swivel those hips. Yes enjoy yourself you got it push it, Good, push it, good, work it, good You got it! Have fun! You got it! Couple more just like that All right last one right here you got it! We did it! Thanks Katie! You got it Mom! Katie was great!

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