Holiday Workout – Waistline Trimmer

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | December 8, 2018 | Workouts

Waistline Trimmer: Let’s wrap up 2019 with a 3-minute waistline workout! I hope you all have had an AMAZING holiday season so far, it’s hard to believe this decade is almost over!! Let’s celebrate all our hard work this year with this 3-minute any day, any where quickie Holiday Blitz Waistline Trimmer Workout! Work your abs and waistline with this effective mini workout! You can do it any time of day, so give it a try! And if you like this workout, start your FREE trial of my Whole Body Plan – I give you all the tools you need to get to a healthy weight, tone up your body, and feel great inside and out! You choose your level of fitness, your customized eating plan, and more – then I deliver to you a tailored workout and eating strategy to help you get and stay healthy now and into the New Year!! Check it out today!

And don’t forget to try this 3-minute waistline trimmer workout – so effective, quick and fun to do!!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,


Waistline Trimmer Video Script:
Welcome everybody to your Holiday Blitzes. Today, it’s all about those abs, trimming and slimming our waistline for the holidays. Let’s get started. Lift down on your elbow, keeping the elbow in line with your shoulder. Lift your hips up and off the floor and bring it back down. Lift up and down, you’re now working the sides of the waistline so your waistline goes in. Whittle the middle right now. If you can place your elbow behind you for a little more challenge, target tone, that tummy lift and lower. Hold it up there. Now add a leg, if you can, that’s a little harder, but do the best that you can. That’s it. Now we’re going to go to level three, so stay up there and now bring your elbow into your knee and reach out. Now you’re really cinching in that waistline. Pull it in. Suck in the gut come up, pull it in, belly button in.

Great. We’ve got two more. Last one, and release. Let’s go to the other side. The first one is just propping up on the elbow up and down. Thinking about the waistline. Target tone and slim the waist that’s it, and tighten the tummy. While you’re doing that, if you can place your hand behind you and really lift through the waste, that’s it. Working on both sides of the waistline. Great. Okay. Add a leg, if you like, that’s it. It’s a little harder, but it’s worth it. Really firming all the major muscles, the body as well as the abs. Target tone. Focus. One more. Stay up there and now really cinch in the waistline. That’s it. Pull it in. That’s great. Good for the lower tummy, too. So important. We’ve got two more. Last one. Pull it in and release and take it all the way down and lift your chest up and hold it right here.

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