The Happy Hormone!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | June 15, 2016 | Workouts

Endorphins – The Happy Hormone

Hi Everyone!! The wonderful thing about exercise is that it has countless benefits!  The ones you often hear about are related to your physical well-being – it helps prevent chronic diseases like osteoporosis and certain types of cancer, improves heart and lung function, and is a key element in controlling and maintaining a healthy weight. But you should also relish the emotional benefits of exercise!  Add a little exercise to each day and GET HAPPY!

You can start right now with a FREE trial of my Whole Body Plan!

Just 5 minutes of movement can boost your mood.  I have over 20 workouts that are just 10-minute quick routines like body toning and fat blasting cardio that boost your mood.  Five minutes of body toning gets your oxygen flowing! This five-minute Lean Legs and Thighs workout is a great intro to working out, so give it a try – beachy legs in no time!!

No matter your age or sex, exercise is a mood booster! Even moderate levels of aerobic activity, such as brisk walking, can raise the endorphins (The Happy Hormone), serotonin, and dopamine in your brain (your body’s feel-good chemicals). Working out regularly can also enhance creativity, reduce anxiety, and help combat depression. And meditative exercises like yoga are an especially powerful stress reliever!

So next time you need to blow off some steam, feel restless, or have trouble concentrating, do one of my Whole Body Plan workouts! It’ll give you that much-needed natural high. Plus, after you see all the physical benefits of your hard work — your slimmer body and improved muscle tone — another thing that’ll soar is your confidence!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,



Video Script:

Hi everybody, today it’s all about your legs, your thighs to shape, and lean out your legs. So let’s begin with a small little squat. Take it down, push it back up, just take it down and it’s kind of little bit of a half of a lunch, but not too far. We’re just warming up those thighs, that’s it. This is now working the back of those guys. Yes, the hamstrings, the good posture. Good technique. It’s only five minutes, so give it all you got. Come on, we can do it together. Great. Stay in shape at anytime that’s it, but now is most important because you can do it last one and take it down. Hold it down there and squeeze your buttocks. Squeeze and tighten up the thigh muscles. That’s it. Shape and sculpt your legs. If you have bad knees, just go halfway down. Modify.

That’s okay. Just go right here. Little maybe lunges last one. Oh, okay. Let’s go to the other side. Take it up and back. Down. Lift and lower. That’s it. Or tap and back. Whatever you can do. This workout is for you. You can get in shape in five minutes if you do it on a daily basis with me. That’s right. Do it anywhere workouts, back is strong and straight. Two more. Last one stay down. Squeeze that bottom. Tighten up that tushy. Feel the thighs working. Yes. Lean out the legs. Toned thighs. Two more. You got it. Sexy legs. Last one. Okay. Let’s do our inner thighs side to side. Great. Working on the inside of our thighs. No more jigglies. That’s it. Good. Nice side lunges really work on the whole leg, the front of your leg, the back of your leg, even in the inside.

That’s what I love it. Stretch it down, and think about it to one side and then the other really reach down. Once you give it all, you got great hustle for that muscle. You got it? Last one. Oh, okay. And turn to the side and hold it right there and a beautiful lunch. Lift your chest up. Hold position, strengthening through the leg muscles, leg endurance. Hold it, hold it. That’s it. Beautiful. Let’s go to the other side. Lift up, stretching up in the body, and use your thigh muscles for strength, tone, lean legs. Hold it there, Hold it. And release. Okay. Come on down to the floor. Let’s work on some outer thighs. No more saddlebags, lift and lower the leg. This is some of my favorite exercises to really shape the thighs. Give them that beautiful sculpted, toned look. Lean legs. That’s it. Says now targeting the outer part of your thighs.

No more saddlebags slim it down. Right here. Yes. Two more. You guys. Last one. Lift it up. Hold it. Great. Now bend that leg and flex the front foot. And now inner thigh toners. This is working all from the knee up to the pelvic bone already here. That’s it. No more cellulite. C’Mon. We’re firming it up. Yes, we are. Drink lots of water today. Okay, good. Last one. Release to the other side. Let’s begin with our outer thigh toner. Lift and lower. Thinking about good postures, your tummy and got a zip up those abs. That’s it. Lift and lower. Just a couple more. Lifting. Elongate the leg. Really feel through the heel. That’s it. You’re strengthening the quadriceps to as well as the outer thigh. Two more. Last one. Okay. Reach the leg on the inside. Up and down. Now you’re targeted toning the inside of your thighs.

That’s it. Inner Thigh toners. This one really works. You rarely get a chance to work the inside of your legs, so this is a great one. I love this one. Two more. Last one, lifted up, up. Hold it up there. Beautiful, and let’s stretch it out. Bring your leg and front stretch to the side. That’s it. Lengthen. Hold that stretch. Stretch your legs. Feel so good. And the other side stretching out. Oh, wonderful. Way To keep it up. It’s all about keeping consistent. No matter where you are, you could work out with me. Isn’t that great? And that stretch the quadriceps, the front of your thighs. That’s it. Good and the other side. The quadriceps. Keep them nice and flexible so they keep your hips healthy, feeling good. That’s it. And release. Let’s take a deep breath together. Inhale and exhale there greatly. Legs, keep it up.


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