The 3 Prong Attack for Rock Hard Abs

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | May 15, 2015 | Workouts


Hi Everyone!

Summer is coming! It’s time to slim & trim our waistlines. Doing regular, simple abdominal exercises can keep your core strong and your tummy flat. Along with cardio, spending just 5-10 extra minutes a day of focusing on your torso, you will develop core muscle strength to support your back and you will look and FEEL great! Keeping your core strong means keeping your back strong.  So your core is everything!  It helps you to stand tall and trim, have good posture and helps to protect all your important organs in your torso.  Remember, your spine is your lifeline!

This particular move focuses on the lower abs–the whole rectus abdominis, so give it a try. When the foot is lifted you zero in on the muscles below the belly button, where we all need the extra focus–especially if you’ve had babies like me. It really gets that area that we all need to be stronger. And it’s so important for hearth health to keep you abs and waistline trim.

Getting a trim middle is a 3 prong attack:

1. Cardio workouts
2. Good eating habits and
3. Targeted exercises like these!

There are so many different ways that will effectively tone and strengthen your core muscles. With any of these moves, it’s always important to do it right. In this video clip from my Daily Workout TV show, I share with you one series of ab exercises along with tips on how to properly execute these moves for the most effective results.

Follow along and remember—GET FIT because YOU are worth it.

Love always,

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