Stop The Clock Experience Stay Fit and Healthy – Inside and Out

In this guide, Denise will help you navigate the aging process with insight to help you “stop the clock.” You’ll access a 28-day detailed fitness plan designed to keep you fit, firm and toned, health and wellness insight to help keep your body and mind in top shape as you get older, and more – including how to achieve that positive Denise attitude!

What's in the Guide? 200+ Pages of Workouts, Health Insight, Motivations and More!

Train With Denise Denise Austin As Your Personal Trainer

A comprehensive cardio walking guide, a detailed strength training plan, and flexibility exercises based on Pilates and yoga are all combined to help you get – and stay – fit and feeling good, no matter your current level of expertise.

Workout Insights Knowledge and Prevention: Keys To Better Health

Well-being is part of a well-rounded health plan, and Denise offers her tips on managing stress, getting better sleep, how to incorporate breathing exercises into your life, and more. Plus, Denise’s trademark positive attitude for ways you can have a sunny outlook, too!