Yoga Refresh Day 7: Inspiration – Smart Sweet Tooth Swaps

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | August 23, 2018 | Featured

Aug 23, 2018

Hi Everyone! It’s day seven of my all new¬†Yoga Refresh Challenge, and am excited to share with you today’s inspiration! This yoga challenge is all about health and a positive attitude – each day for seven days you get a new yoga workout, a quick and healthy recipe, and some support and guidance from yours truly! If you are a LifeFit 360 Member, you already have access to all seven days to do at your own pace. But if you aren’t yet a member, start your 7-day free trial today! You will get immediate access to all my Challenges, plus my 10-Week Whole Body Plan, which includes a personalized eating plan, three different levels of workouts, and more. You are worth it – check it out today!

I hope you enjoy today’s Yoga Refresh Inspiration – it’s all about making healthier food choices for a healthier you, inside and out!

Denise’s Smart Sweet Tooth Swaps

It’s okay to cave into your sweet tooth once in awhile – everyone needs an occasional treat! But if you can’t keep your hands out of the candy jar, try these healthier, less fattening ways to satisfy your cravings:

  1. Craving candy? Try raisins, an apple or a banana
  2. Craving ice cream? Try yogurt with fresh fruit, an almond-milk smoothie or frozen grapes
  3. Craving a frozen coffee drink? Try an iced latte made with skim milk – sprinkle some cinnamon or vanilla for added flavor

Let’s get fitter together – inside and out,


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