Stay Healthy With Extra Fiber

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | June 22, 2015 | Nutrition

Health With Extra Fiber

Did you know that one of the best-kept secrets for losing weight is fiber. Fiber can be a Fat BLASTER and there are lots of ways to get more fiber into your diet. It’s so easy, it’s just changing up a few simple foods in your diet to higher-fiber content alternatives. Here are some of my favorite fat-fighting fiber tips!!!

I love food and I always try to make sure to incorporate enough dietary fiber into my meals to keep me feeling full longer while still getting all the fabulous health benefits from my food. That’s some great bang for your buck because fiber Not ONLY helps curb your hunger pangs but also keeps your body feeling healthy! Get this: Results from a 10 year study done on more 350,000 people in over 18 countries were recently published and concluded that participants who ate 26 grams of fiber per day were 18 percent less likely to develop diabetes than those who ate 19 or less grams of fiber per day!! BUT the typical American only eats 16 grams of fiber per day.

Fiber can be a natural appetite suppressant. Foods that are high in fiber can help stop your blood sugar from spiking and allow your body to slowly digest the food. The result? If you’re not as hungry, you eat less food, and you lose weight.

There are so many great choices that are high in fiber and packed with nutrition.  Some of my favorite fiber-packed foods include beans, nuts, artichokes, broccoli, bran flakes, oatmeal, lentils, yummy seasonal blackberries, artichokes and Brussels sprouts.

I created this chart of 10 Simple Food Swaps to help you add more fiber into your diet! But this is just a start! Sign up today for my 10-Week Whole Body Plan and access a customized meal plan just for you with TONS of delicious & healthy recipes to keep your body looking and feeling its BEST!


In          Higher Fiber Content Food Swaps                   Out

This……Instead of…..That

Choose Spelt or Quinoa Over White Rice
Choose Soba Noodles or Whole Grain Pasta Over White Flour Spaghetti
Choose Lentils Over Ground Beef
Choose Almonds Instead of Croutons
Choose Dark Rye Bread Over White Bread
Choose Avocado Instead of Mayo
Choose Kumquats Instead of Oranges
Choose a Baked Potato with Skin Instead of Mashed Potatoes


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