How To Make Healthy Food Craveable!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | July 7, 2020 | Nutrition

Whether you’re preparing food for yourself or others, presentation counts almost as much as taste… especially when it comes to eating healthy food! How a meal looks and smells can dictate how you feel about eating it. Think about when you have a salad full of various types of color, textures and smells versus some iceberg lettuce and dressing. Healthy meals that are visually pleasing and smell delicious (and served up in a way that makes them special) can really help you to stay on a healthy eating path.

The simplest way to amp up the smell of a meal is to add fresh herbs or a squeeze of citrus – toss a spring of mint into a glass of water, squeeze some lemon onto tuna salad, sprinkle fresh dill or basil on a salad…. it will not only enhance the smell of the food, but help to elevate the taste as well!

To create a visual feast, I aim to “paint my plate” at every meal! By having a variety of colors of food in every meal (in season is best – try these Summer Foods right now!!) you are not only visually pleasing your senses, you are getting in so many wonderful nutrients that our bodies need to be healthy, promote energy and a strong immune system, and more! Use this chart, courtesy of my Stop The Clock Nutrition Plan, on what foods to add to your plate to not only visually please your senses, but help get more healthy food into your diet!!

And don’t forget to check out my Stop The Clock Nutrition Plan for more info like this – plus recipes, an eating plan, kitchen makeovers and more!!

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