Healthy Snack Suggestions and Meals for Less – Try These Tips!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | October 29, 2020 | Nutrition

If you are looking for healthy snack ideas and recipes, ways to cut down on your grocery bills while still eating healthy, and even an easy, healthy, inexpensive meal plan, then get ready!!! I am so excited about the launch of my all new keepsake magazine, Denise Austin’s Fit Over 50: Success for Le$$! I so often hear people say that eating healthy is too expensive, but I am here to tell you that you can eat healthy without breaking the bank! While fast food options can be cheap, they certainly aren’t doing your health any good. Instead of loading up on heart-clogging fat and high-calorie foods, my new magazine focuses on eating well for less – there is an entire section devoted to cost-effective nutrition tips and recipes, healthy snack ideas included! So if you are looking for ways to eat healthy foods that fit your budget, don’t wait – pick up the latest issue in stores or buy it online! I include:

  • My food formula for energy and health. Find out what you should be eating in order to maintain good health and promote metabolism boosting energy!
  • My top 10 bargain foods. Discover the foods that not only fuel your body, but won’t break the bank, either. These are staples I keep on hand for easy, healthy, cost-effective meals in no time!
  • Tips for making plant-based meals taste delicious. There are so many reasons to eat less meat, and one is definitely the price tag on meat-based protein versus plant-based proteins. Try my tasty tips to make your veggie dishes even more satisfying – your wallet and waistline will thank you!
  • Cost-effective recipes. I have dozens of recipes in my 100-page Denise Austin’s Fit after 50: Success for Le$$! magazine for you to try! Drinks, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, healthy snack recipes and more! Plus extra cost-saving insights on how to get the most out of your ingredients.
  • A healthy, inexpensive meal plan. Put all your new nutrition knowledge to the test with my 7-day meal plan! Once you see how easy, tasty and fulfilling eating healthy can be, I hope you do it for life!!

And there is so much more – suggestions on fitness, health, stress… all that are free or inexpensive. It’s the perfect time to start saving, so check out my keepsake, 100-page magazine. You can learn more about it and purchase in Denise Austin Shop, or find it at local retailers near you!

Some additional rules I like to follow when it comes to keeping costs low and nutritional value high are:

  1. Buy in bulk. I buy nuts, beans, whole grains, dried fruits, oats, and organic brown rice in bulk. You not only get more for your money, you have less packaging – good for the planet! I also apply this to healthy snack foods – buy a larger bag, and then portion out into reusable containers. This will cut down on cost AND on overeating!

  2. Shop local. I love getting produce at the farmer’s market – it’s grown locally, encourages you to connect with your community, and even helps you appreciate your food a little more – plus the savings can be significant and the taste of fresh produce is amazing!! You can also find great deals at local food stores that specialize in cuisine from certain regions around the world. Think olives, olive oil, spices and more. It’s a fun way to experience new tastes, too!

  3. Focus on seasonal foods. In-season foods are usually less expensive, so unless I am making a special meal, I like to plan my weekly menus around what is fresh, now. Tastes better, too! Plus, seasonal foods are a great healthy snack choice – seasonal veggies with hummus, or a fresh fruit plate with a dollop of greek yogurt – delicious and nutritious!

I hope you like these cost-saving nutrition tips, and don’t forget to check out my Success for Le$$! magazine for so much more when it comes to living a healthy, happy life that doesn’t cost a lot!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,




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