Avoid These Foods If You Want To Age Well!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | February 24, 2021 | Nutrition

If you want to age well, it’s not that difficult to do! A simple three-pronged approach can help you to live healthfully, happily and fully as you get older. To age well, make exercise and self-care a priority, along with a healthy diet.

Start by implementing a fitness routine that works for you. I tell people to aim for 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week, but tailor it to your level of fitness and your lifestyle! Every little bit counts, and I have fund that a routine that gets you excited and inspired is the best way to go. I have lots of free workouts in my Workouts Blog section, so give them a try, and keep it consistent! Exercise is a key age well component!

Next, implement some self care into your life. Whether it’s breathing exercises, taking some for yourself, or treating yourself when you achieve your goals, self care isn’t just a buzzword; it’s another key component of an age well strategy.

Finally, nutrition. I can’t stress how important eating a nutritious diet is to an age well plan. What you eat can affect your sleep habits, energy levels, your metabolism, and even your skin and hair! I always suggest a diet that focuses on vegetables and fruit, to give you vitamins and antioxidants; includes beans, legumes and whole grains for fiber to keep your digestive system running smoothly; and provides lean protein for energy.

And while I follow the 80/20 rule – eat healthy 80% of the time, and treat yourself 20% of the time – that 20% doesn’t mean you should reach for fast food, processed snacks or fatty desserts; you can and should have the occasional treat! But if you remember the foods you should avoid in order to age well, your treat choices can become healthy just by second nature! So next time you are treating yourself, make sure you avoid these foods – there just is no room in a healthy lifestyle and age well plan for these!

Avoid These Three Foods If You Want To Age Well

    1. Fried Foods. Now that air fryers are an affordable option for many people, fried foods can easily be a thing of the past! And this is good news, because a study found that postmenopausal women who regularly ate fried foods were at an increased risk of heart disease and death from any cause. So even if you are treating yourself, limit your intake of fried foods to a few fries or one piece of fried chicken, and make that the occasional treat.
    2. Processed Foods. Another unhealthy choice, a high intake of processed foods such as chips, cookies and baked goods have been linked to type 2 diabetes, obesity, and even cancer. I suggest you slowly replace these types of foods with healthier versions like whole fruits or crudites and hummus.
    3. Soda. The amount of sugar that soda contains just has no place in a healthy age well diet. And the chemicals in diet soda can be just as bad (if not worse!) for you. Too much soda can lead to weight gain, diabetes and cardiovascular problems. So skip the soda and reach for sparkling water with a spritz of lemon or orange – a much healthier option that will also keep your skin plump and youthful looking!

I hope these age well tips help you embrace your life – no matter what your age!

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