Stay Motivated: 10 Healthy Rewards

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | August 9, 2018 | Lifestyle

Are you setting goals to work hard to stay motivated towards your healthy goals? Whether you want to lose weight, get lean and toned, be able to run a mile non-stop, are trying to eat a healthier diet, or aim to manage your stress through breathing and yoga, goals are important to have. And rewarding yourself along the way is just as important, too! If you need some incentive to stay motivated, you aren’t alone. There’s nothing wrong with that! The next time you get through a really tough workout, beat your previous running time, or follow your healthy eating plan flawlessly for a week straight, give yourself a well ­deserved pat on the back, and do something special that’s all about you!

Stay Motivated: 10 Healthy Rewards Just For You!

1. Pamper yourself at home. There’s no need to go to an expensive spa! Spend an evening soaking in a tub filled with lavender scented essential oil and some pretty candles.

2. Treat yourself to some reading time. Make time to spend looking at your cookbooks, magazines, fiction or autobiographies – whatever reading you are into! It’s a great way to get inspired and keep your brain healthy. 

3. Update your wardrobe. When you accomplish a weight loss goal, shop for some new clothes to fit your transformed body! Start your free trial of my 10-Week Whole Body Plan if weight loss is one of your goals!

4. Make working out fun. Reward your hard work each month by picking up a new fitness accessory. Some hand weights, a mini trampoline, a foam roller – all can inspire your workouts in a new way.

5. Make working out fashionable! Shop for a cute new piece of fitness apparel to help flatter your slimming figure.

6. Update your kitchen. Stay motivated to eat healthy with a visit to a home store. Buy yourself a kitchen tool to help you prepare all those good-for-you meals. A garlic press, veggie spiralizer and citrus juicer can be bought for less than $20 and may just inspire your cooking! And for more inspiration check out the customized eating plans in my 10-Week Plan – there’s something for everyone!

7. Connect with nature. Seek out a beautiful spot, like a national park, an area with sweeping vistas, a beach, a forest, or any place with more light, and get back to nature. And check these self-care suggestions.

8. Make a friends date. Carve out a date night with some girlfriends – go for a walk, check out a new local spot, or just hang out and chat. Friends make everything better!

9. Splurge on professional pampering. Get a fabulous new haircut, a mani­-pedi, a facial, or a massage. Treating your body will feel so good.

10. Thank yourself. Write yourself a letter saying how proud you are of your accomplishments and all the benefits you’ve reaped from this hard work. Keep this handy for days when your motivation lags. Update it regularly.

And an additional one to help you stay motivated – reward yourself by staying on track: start your 7-day free trial of my Plan today, for weight loss, toning up, and feeling good about yourself!! I will be there by your side cheering you on. Never forget – you are worth it!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,


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