Setting Yourself Up for Success To Meet Your Goals

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | July 7, 2020 | Lifestyle

How to Set Yourself Up for Success in Meeting Your Goals

We talk a lot about the importance of having a community with similar goals to help you reach your own goals, and my member area does just that – connects people with like-minded goals for support and inspiration! But it is equally important that you know how to set yourself up for success. Whether you are just starting a new program, re-committing to goals that you’ve been neglecting, or continuing your daily journey of growing and setting new goals, there are ways to make sure that you are prepared to help and support yourself. Here are some important things to do no matter what stage you’re at or what your goals are.

Keep Track of Your Progress

This applies to any goal that you set for yourself. Studies have proven that when you track the progress you make, you’re more likely to stick to and reach your goals. When I’ve helped women through diet and exercise programs, I have always had them write down everything that they eat and do in a food and exercise log. When it comes specifically to a nutrition goal, a food diary can be so helpful because sometimes you don’t even realize how much you’ve eaten in a day! Mindless snacking can lead to weight gain, so writing everything down is a good way to combat that bad habit.

Even with other goals, writing down what you’re doing on a daily basis to reach them can be extremely beneficial. Grab one of my cute EVER BETTER™ Journals (in purple or orange), try it out and see what happens!

Make Sure You Have the Right Equipment

Supporting yourself in your goals can be as simple as making sure you have the equipment you need and keeping it in good condition. While this might be easy when you first set a new goal, it can be easy to forget about things if you’re not using them every day. For example, I have a friend who wants to add variety into her workout regimen, but her bike sits in her garage with a flat tire. It’s an added stressor every time she thinks about how she’d like to add biking into her weeks but keeps putting off fixing the tire. Be proactive with your goals. Fix any “flat tires” that are adding stress or preventing you from diving into your goal with full force.

Here are some of the things that I would consider staples to any fitness goal:

  • Good walking or running shoes – see my favorites here!
  • A yoga mat
  • A stability ball and set of resistance bands
  • Step counter or a fitness app of your choice
  • Comfortable clothes (yep, this is your permission to go shopping! Rewarding yourself with items that support your goals is another great motivator!!).

And don’t forget that at-home workout videos are important, too – they keep you motivated, moving and healthy! Start a free trial of my EVER BETTER™ Plan and you will get immediate access to almost 200 at-home workouts, plus Challenges, emails to keep you on track and more!

Clean Out Your Life of Non-Supports

Anything that is blocking you from reaching your goals is a non-support. If you have specific nutrition goals, then this simply means that you should clean out your pantry and refrigerator. Get rid of anything you’re trying to stay away from. This can apply to other goals, too. For example, if your goal is to spend less time on your phone, give your phone a cleanup. Delete apps that are taking up too much of the time you’d rather spend elsewhere.

Align Your Mind With Your Goal

I’ve always talked about the impact of your attitude on your life, and I’ll keep talking about it, because it is so important! When you are on the path to creating a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a positive attitude is as valuable as improving your eating habits and increasing your physical activity. While it can often seem like your attitude is the hardest thing to change, it can sometimes be as simple as recognizing what you’re feeling and making the conscious decision to change it.

Here’s what I mean:

Say you’re in a bad mood and, because of it, don’t want to do the day’s workout. If you stop and think about it for a moment, you’ll know that doing your workout will probably improve your mood. If you let that thought take precedence over your mood, you can convince yourself to start the workout, or even just get out and go for a walk. It’s all in your control. That’s the key. Remind yourself that you are in complete control of your attitude, and take advantage of that control. Choose to exude the characteristics you want to adopt, and before you know it, they’ll be part of you.

Set Aside Time for Yourself

Lastly, an important step to achieving your goals is to remember that you deserve some you time. As a mom, I know that taking time for yourself can sometimes feel selfish, but the reality is that you’ll be better at your various responsibilities and goals if you’re able to set aside time every day (or at the very least every week), that is yours and can’t be rescheduled with anyone else. Once you get into the habit of spending time with yourself, you’ll start to see a difference in every part of your life—it will definitely impact your ability to stick to your goals.

Start your free trial of my EVER BETTER™ Plan for additional insight into all if the above – I will help you get on a workout plan that is right for your level of experience, offer eating solutions for your dietary preferences, and provide guidance and support throughout! Click here to start your free trial today – you are worth it!

Let’s live EVER BETTER™ – together!




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