Are You Taking Hyaluronic Acid? Three Reasons You Should!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | September 22, 2018 | Featured

September 22, 2018

Hyaluronic Acid

Hi Everyone! I am so excited to tell you about Purity Products, and their best-selling hyaluronic acid supplement, the Ultimate H.A.® Formula! Hyaluronic acid (H.A.) can help support healthy joints and beautiful looking skin, and this supplement is an excellent way to get what your body needs. Why should you consider taking Ultimate H.A.® Formula? Because H.A. levels diminish as a result of normal aging, it can lead to less youthful skin and joints. By taking this formula, you can help to:

  1. Support the normal shock-absorbing capacity of your joints.  Promoting joint comfort and mobility is so important as we age, because it will help us to stay active without the pain that can come with exercising. The Ultimate H.A.® Formula contains healthy cartilage components such as chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine, too.
  2. Promote healthy synovial fluid and joint lubrication. Basically this means H.A. acts as a lubricant within the joints, to help keep joints working smoothly. Since everyday life can add up to wear and tear on our joints, this is also important to keep an eye on as we get older.
  3. Support healthy skin. H.A. is also found in our skin – and it is critical for skin moisture. Because it influences the elasticity of the skin, it can help to improve the signs of aging on the face, such as wrinkling and lines. By taking Ultimate H.A.® Formula, you can help to boost the collagen content in the derma layer – for an overall healthier, smoother skin texture and reduced dryness and scaling! Since skin care as we get older is something I get asked about often, I am so pleased to be able to recommend this product as an option!

Learn more about the Ultimate H.A.® Formula, and even get a free bottle to try out!

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