How To Look and Feel 10 Years Younger

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | September 10, 2021 | Lifestyle

Looking and feeling your best is a priority for many women, and while embracing the aging process is something we should all do (in reality we aren’t getting any younger!), there is nothing wrong with adopting strategies that can make you look (and feel!) years younger! So, how do you feel great physically and emotionally? Try these easy tips to slow aging and look and feel 10 years younger – they have worked for me and I know they will work for you too!

1) Stand up straight! Standing tall and proud will not only make you appear slimmer, it will lend you an air of confidence! And good posture is more than cosmetic – it helps you work your abs, which in turn strengthens your core…. helping to prevent back pain. It’s a win-win! Start by consciously contracting your abs – notice how you immediately sit or stand up a bit??!! Then imagine a string attached to the top of your head, pulling your whole body upward. Practice this throughout the day – soon it will become habit, and your posture will improve. Another way to improve posture is through a regular yoga and Pilates practice. Both are wonderful ways to stretch and elongate the body, and help to promote balance and flexibility. Try this 10-minute Yoga Workout – it’s part of my membership!

2) Care for your eyes. Not just your vision, which is so important as we get older, but the area around your eyes, too! Puffy eyes, dark circles and more can age you… combat this inflammation by minimizing the amount of sodium you eat (it can lead to puffiness), place a cold teaspoon under your eyes when they are looking puffy to help reduce the swelling, and get enough rest in order to slow aging process. Too little sleep can cause those dreaded dark circles. My Whole Body Plan has a low-sodium diet meal plan if you want to eat less sodium – check it out!

3) Address dry hair. One of the indicators of aging is hair becoming more dry, dull and brittle. But this doesn’t have to be the case! Moisturizing is key! Washing your hair daily can strip the natural oils from your hair – aim to wash every two to three days instead. You can also add moisture – I love hair masks, they can add shine and bounce to your hair. My personal favorite is  coconut oil – such a great way to make your hair appear supple and shiny. It’s simple, too – just warm the oil for about twenty seconds, and with your fingertips apply to the ends of the hair and work your way up. Then leave it in overnight – you can put your hair in a shower cap if you need to – or if you don’t have anything going on during the day, do this in the morning and put your hair in a ponytail. Once done, just rinse and wash as you normally do!

4) Address dry skin. Another element of aging can be dry skin – when your skin is dry, it can end up looking dull or sallow. There are three ways to address this: Topically, through your diet, and through supplements. Topically, I suggest a gentle exfoliator followed by a rich hydrated cream. When it comes to your diet, you will want to load up on vegetables and fruits – learn more about what foods to add to your meals for healthy, vibrant looking skin and slow aging!

5) Keep your energy levels up. Nothing says old age more than feeling like you’re running on empty. A consistent exercise plan and eating whole, fresh foods is a good basis for getting and keeping your energy levels up… you may also want to try a natural energy booster like Juvenon Youthful Energy formula. I started taking this and love the results – it’s a natural way to help boost your body’s energy… which helps to burn more fat, build muscle tone, improve sleep, and support healthy aging – including helping to sharpen your memory and focus! Energy is KEY to growing old gracefully, so learn more about Juvenon Youthful Energy.

6) Drink more water. Water will give you a healthy appearance AND health benefits as well! It is vital for your health – and your looks and one of the most important factor in slow aging! Once you start drinking water with regularity, you are almost guaranteed to notice a new softness and clarity to your complexion. Because water moisturizes your body from within, it helps maintain the natural oils in the skin. If you’re a soda drinker – including diet soda – it’s simply not good for you. Giving it up is one thing you can do today to positively impact your health. Make it a little goal to replace your soda with water every day for a week, and see how you feel – and look! Add some fresh squeezed lemon, lime or orange to give it a little extra flavor boost, and aim for six to eight glasses of water each day. The eating plan available to my members has more healthy eating tips plus recipes to help you look and feel young and vibrant – try a risk-free trial now and check it out!

7) Keep your muscles engaged. If we don’t work our muscles, they will not only get saggy and droopy – which can happen as we age – but this can lead to problems with strength, balance, metabolism and more. The best way to keep your muscles engaged is through a regular strength training routine. This will help to firm up muscles, proving you with stamina and energy – plus a more fit looking body! A strength training workout will help you start building your muscle today… for a more fit, younger looking body in the future! I have dozens of strength training workouts in my membership, so try it out today! I think you will love it, people get great results and feel amazing – and you can too, no matter what your age or workout level! Your free trial is just a click away!

Let’s get fitter and slow aging, together – inside and out,



Video Transcript: Yoga Refresh: Strengthen Your Body

Welcome to your yoga refresh series. Today it’s all about strengthening poses. So we lengthen and strengthen our muscles that start with a deep cleansing breath, bring in the oxygen to every cell of your body. Let it out. Again, deeper breaths. Inhale through the nose. That’s it. Add, exhale out the nose. Beautiful. And let’s stretch to the side. Elongate the spine, warming up your back, stretching your body, getting it ready for a beautiful yoga series. Now hold and in the other side, that’s and stretch. Now let’s begin to the side in mountain pose. Strong back. Squeeze your buttocks and inner thighs together. Length in your spine. Pick yourself taller, and let’s begin. Inhale all the way up. Exhale out. Remember your breathwork. Exhale. Inhale, lift up. Exhale down, and reach one leg behind and hold the plank pose. Now it’s all about strengthening your core muscles, strengthening your arms, strong bodies, strong minds because you are worth it.

Hold that plank pose. tighten up through the belly. Pull the tummy up in, navel in, and now slowly bring your elbows down. Slowly, slowly go all the way down to Cobra and now lift your chest tide, stretch it up. Inhale and exhale. Curl your toes under to downward facing dog and hold that strong pose. Strengthen and lengthen your legs. That’s it. Trust through the arms. Pull your arms, Bend. Press your fingers wide and lift your tailbone.  And now slowly lift your right leg all the way up to three legged dog. Hold it up. That’s it. And bring your chest and pull in and whole, whole, whole. These are strength moves to strengthen our muscles. Pull it back all the way up and release. Switch legs. Lift up the other leg, hold it up there and stretch through the body and bring your knee towards your chest and lean slightly forward.

Pull your belly in and lift it back all the way up, all the way up. Beautiful. Bring your leg all the way through. Let’s stand up to yoga. pose the warrior. That’s it. Here’s where you get strong muscles. Refresh, reconnect, energize your muscles. Now open up through the hips, your heel in line with the inner thigh. That’s it. And stretch it out. Hold the stretch. You’re strong. Your muscles are lean, lengthening, giving energy through the body. And now slowly reverse warrior. deeper into the legs to you, straight from your thighs and you lift up. Hold it. Beautiful, strong pose and slowly side angle. Inhale and exhale. Taking a deep breath. Cleanse your body. That’s it. Hold. Feel the straight, legs, and now slowly, if you can give it a try. Hold the arm out. Challenge Yourself. This takes full strength of your abdominals and release.

Beautiful. And all you have to do is turn your toes to the other side that strengthen those thighs. Pull your abs up and in. It’s a lift here and then it’s a straight with your legs. Push that back leg nice and strong and straight. That’s it. Now hold the pose. Warrior is a wonderful way to strengthen your muscles. 640 muscles. Keep them strong. Keep lead. That’s it. Muscles work, miracles on our metabolism, keeping us young. Yoga feels so good. Okay, let’s go to our reverse warrior now deeper into that warrior with your thighs. Stretch up. Inhale, practice your yoga every day with me and exhale out to the side to side angle pose. Reach out. Use your strength of your thigh muscles, buttocks, your core hold. That’s it. Focus on the move. Just relax your body and really try to reconnect with your breath. That’s it.

Stretch and tone for me in those muscles. Okay, and slowly come all the way up and release. Bring your legs together. Let’s jump together and relax. Inhale up and exhale into chair pose. Hold it down. Their hips are back. You’re strong. You’re leave that set to do the best you can. That’s great, and come all the way up. One more time. Go down using your thigh muscles. That’s it. And little pulses. Now that’ll pull pulses. Wonderful. Take it down. Sit back. That’s it. Strong, great, and release. Let’s begin in a quick series here. All for straight. Inhale up, exhale down. Inhale up and exhale down. Inhale, reach and hold the plank and let’s do a side plate. Hold it. That’s it.

Hold the side plank. For those of you just starting out, relax your leg here and reach up. You’re still getting the strength for your legs or total body. Otherwise, give it a try. You can stack your feet and take it to the next level. Hold the strong arms, your core muscles. Level three is going all the way up with your leg. Give it a try. Challenge your muscles and release. Beautiful. Let’s go to the other side. Lift all the way up. Start here. If you’re ready, you can take it to a siders driving your legs. That’s great. Whole the strength. Lift up. Hold it up there. Strong bodies. That’s it. Or You could try stacking your feet. That’s the next level. And now level three, take it up. Hold it up there and tighten those abs. Core strong and release and let’s come all the way down.

Breathe in and out. Exhale, lip to bridge, keeping our hips healthy. Hold the bridge pose. Inhale and exhale lifted up. Now bring your hands underneath. Bring your shoulder blades closer together and lift up. Use your thigh muscles. Use Your buttock muscles opening up through the chest. That’s it. Can you clasp your hands underneath? Give it a try. And now slowly one vertebrae at a time. Come all the way up. Roll a holes way up into boat pose. This will help strengthen their abdominals. Hold, breathe. That’s it. Inhale, exhale. Given all you got, just hold it there. Use your abdominal muscles, strong bodies, wonderful yoga, workout and relax. Let’s come forward. Taking a nice deep breath. Inhale, exhale, twist. Inhale up, and exhale, twist. That’s it. Stretch up. Beautiful and relax. Take one deep cleansing breath together. It helped all the rep and it stretched to the side, to the other side. Just relax. Now the hard part’s over. You’ve done your yoga refresh. This is the strengthening of workout to that sale and release. Namaste.



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