My 7 Favorite Tension Tamers!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | September 3, 2015 | Lifestyle

Seven Tension Tamers - Denise Austin


Summer is winding down, and you may feel difficulties adjusting to the back-to-school routine.  I know for myself, one of hardest transitions was seeing my kids go back to school.  I truly love spending time with them during the summer!  If you feel any tension building up, hopefully one or all of these tension tamers can help you out!

1. SCHEDULE TIME FOR YOURSELF.  Each day try to do something for yourself.  That little time can be spent working out, getting a manicure, practicing yoga, starting a new hobby, or simply sitting down in a quiet room with a good book or your favorite music.

2. LEARN TO MEDITATE.  Meditation is not as complicated as you might think.  Even if you have 5 minutes, that’s all it takes to help you clear your mind.  In fact, it can be as easy as breathing deeply, sitting alone in a quite space, or following a guided meditation DVD or podcast.  If you want to get serious about meditation, try taking a meditation class and learn more about breathing techniques and the benefits of clearing your mind.

3. SET A NIGHTLY TEATIME.  Some people find that a hot cup of herbal tea relaxes them after a busy day.  Chamomile and peppermint teas, in particular, are said to relieve insomnia.

4. CLEAR OUT THE CLUTTER!  Keeping your home clean and free of clutter is a key component to healthy living.  Enlist the help of your spouse and kids to clear out junk and store stuff that is not being used.  Coming home to a clean, organized, and clutter-free environment will give you one less thing to stress over.

5. PLAN A GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT.  Researchers say that women who maintain close ties with other women enjoy such health perks as lower blood pressure, increased immunity, and even a longer life expectancy.  Get in the habit of catching up with the ladies in your life at least once a week — go or dinner, drinks, a dance class, a movie, or start a walking group together.

6. GET HELP.  If your kids are young, consider hiring a babysitter for a couple of hours each week or propose a trade with a friend or neighbor who could babysit in exchange for another favor or errand.

7. BECOME A BATHING BEAUTY.  There is nothing like taking a hot shower or bath before you crawl into bed at night.  It will help you unwind and leave that harmful stress behind.  Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to a warm bath for deeper relaxation.

I hope these 7 tips will help you any time you feel anxious or you feel the tension building up.  These will all truly help knock down the stress level, and you will feel so much better!

Love always from Your Personal Trainer,


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