Summer Slimmer Challenge Self Care Tip: 4 Ways To Nourish Your Soul

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | May 26, 2021 | General

Today’s Summer Slimmer Self Care tip is all about giving back to yourself. Treating yourself with respect and gratitude can help you feel better, and will in turn help you “pay it forward” through your mood, outlook and good deeds! Loving yourself, nourishing yourself – it’s so important, and something that can be so easily overlooked – especially by us women, who tend to be the caretakers of many of the people who surround us.

These are four things that I try to do every day – small ways that help to nourish the soul and can have such a vibrant impact on emotional well-being!

  1. Spend time outdoors. This may not be possible every day, depending on where you live, but being outdoors in nature is so important – it connects you with nature, naturally nourishing your soul! I try to get outside every single day – I’ll do an outdoor workout, I’ll have my morning coffee or afternoon snack on my porch, or stroll around the neighborhood after dinner with Jeff. Sometimes I will do all three, because nature is so important for my mood!
  2. Reach out to a loved one. It’s no secret I looooove my daughters, sisters and friends, they are what keep me going! A simple phone call can do wonders for helping you feel more positive, and if you have the time, consider writing a letter to a love one – something I always am happy to receive! Even spending time with a pet is a great way to connect – never underestimate the benefits of a furry friend!
  3. Do something new. New experiences keep us young, alert and alive! Keep an ongoing list of new things you want to try out – a new type of workout, a recipe you have never made, a hike you want to do. Then do it – you will feel great afterwards, and looking forward to the experience is fun as well!
  4. Treat yourself! Fresh cut flowers, a long bath, starting a new book… little things can go a long way in making your mind feel better. Think about what truly makes you feel good and positive, and add them into your life on a regular basis!

I would love for you to commit to adding at least one of these to your weekly goals, then continue to add in the rest, and do them as often as you can!!



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