Balls and Bands

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | January 23, 2020 | General

Welcome Shape, Strengthen and Sculpt Kit Community! You are going to have a “ball” with this new workout plan, and you will see and feel amazing results if you stick with it! By now you have received your Shape, Strengthen and Sculpt Kit, and probably can’t wait to get started… so here are 6 new, exclusive ball and band workouts just for you!

But before you get started, I highly recommend you read the Shape, Strengthen and Sculpt e-book intro, so you understand how to get familiar with the ball and bands, and how to properly use them. Form is important not only to get the most benefit out of the movements, but also to prevent injury. So take a little time and read through the Shape, Strengthen and Sculpt e-book if you haven’t yet! You’ll also need to inflate your ball – this may take some time, I like to inflate a new ball when watching a TV show – it’s a good arm workout!!

And then get ready to transform your body and look and feel great!!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out!



Shape, Strengthen and Sculpt Upper Body 5-Minute Workout

Work your arms, shoulders, back and more with this upper-body workout!

Shape, Strengthen and Sculpt Lower Body 5-Minute Workout

Firm up your buns, thighs, hips and more in just 5 minutes!

Shape, Strengthen and Sculpt Core 5-Minute Workout

Lose that menopause belly and midsection “drift” with these effective moves!

Shape, Strengthen and Sculpt 5-Minute Stretching Workout

A wonderful way to start – or end – the day… stretches that will make you feel amazing.

Shape, Strengthen and Sculpt 5-Minute Yoga Workout

A yoga workout that takes the moves tot he next level through use of the bands and ball!

Shape, Strengthen and Sculpt 5-Minute Pilates Workout

Work your body head to toe for a lean, lengthened YOU!

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