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After over 35-years of guiding women on healthy eating, I created my easy-to-follow Eat Like Denise Plan that offers up quick and tasty recipes the whole family will enjoy! My step-by-step videos show you what you need and how to prepare delicious recipes – fast. Let’s make eating healthy taste good!

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Your healthy options don’t end when you’ve finished the Eat Like Denise plan! Every membership includes access to 180+ healthy and delicious recipes straight from my kitchen. Create your own customized eating plan by choosing gluten-free, low-fat, vegetarian and more. Eating healthy has never been so easy – or delicious!

Nutrition Black Bean Burrito Bowl

10 MINUTES • 2 Servings • 470 Cal

Nutrition Protein Pancakes

20 MINUTES • 2 Servings • 430 Cal

Nutrition Italian Stuffed Peppers

40 MINUTES • 2 Servings • 615 Cal

Nutrition Asian Chicken Burgers

20 MINUTES • 2 Servings • 600 Cal

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