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Get the best workouts from my Daily Workout and Fit & Lite TV shows with this DVD bundle! You’ll get two DVDs, for a total of 8 workouts, to help you shape and tone your whole body.

Each Daily Workout exercise was designed to help you start your day off strong. Pop in this DVD to find high-intensity workouts like kickboxing, interval training, and fat burning cardio. My Fit & Lite workouts feature yoga and Pilates exercises focusing on gentle movements, so you can ease into your daily activities.

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Get 3 DVDs to create a balanced workout plan. My Cardio DVD will get your heart pumping and help you shed weight. Then tone and strengthen your muscles with the Toning DVD. Finally, use my Yoga DVD to stretch and keep your body healthy and happy!

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This 6-DVD set has a variety of workouts, from my 10-minute Mother & Daughter Dance routine that I filmed with my daughter Katie to my 50-minute Yoga and Total Body Toning workouts. You will easily get in 30 minutes a day with all the variety – 14 total workouts to help you strengthen, tone, and burn calories!

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