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Total Body Toning
Need To Tone More Than Just Your Bottom Half?


Find all the workouts you need with a plan from I will give you the tools to become the best version of you, on your terms. So choose the best plan for you and let’s get started!


Target Tone With The Expert

  • All of my workouts are designed to help you focus in on common “problem areas” like the arms, belly, chest, legs, thighs, and more!
  • My step-by-step instructional videos are easy to follow and fun to do – even if you’re a beginner!
  • 180+ workout videos will keep your mind engaged and your body guessing. Access them wherever, whenever with an online membership.

Firm Up With My Natural Body Boot Camp Challenge

  • Start my members-only challenge to tone up from head to toe. Focus on quick 10-minute workouts throughout your day so you can get fit on any schedule!
  • Additional cardio workouts help build your strength, endurance and heart health!
  • Increase your flexibility and balance with yoga, Pilates and barre exercises – a great way to start or end your day!
28-Day Plan

Get Fit, Lose Weight, Feel Great

  • My Stop The Clock Fitness Plan will get you on track in only 28 days!
  • Download the plan and start a cardio walking routine, a strength routine targeted to women over 40, and flexibility exercises to keep your body limber and balanced
  • Plus, get my bonus women’s health insights to keep your mind and body in top shape as you age!

Remember: Leave a good impression when you walk out the door!

10-Week Plan A Firm, Fit and Fabulous Body Is Waiting For You!

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