The Shape, Strengthen and Sculpt Experience Burn Fat and Lose Inches In Just 3 Weeks!

In this kit, you have all the tools you need to burn fat, lose weight, and drop inches! My stability ball and set of 3 resistance bands help you work all your muscles in a variety of ways that the floor or traditional weights can’t… so you get more done – in less time! Combine these with my 3-Week Shape, Strengthen and Sculpt Plan and you will see and feel results – fast!

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What’s in the Shape, Strengthen and Sculpt Kit?


Get Fit With Denise Denise Austin Will Help You Transform Your Body

This comprehensive kit is based on Denise’s own personal use of stability balls and resistance bands. Learn how she has kept fit and fab throughout the years with these easy-to-use, portable pieces of equipment that work your muscles in a unique way. A new body can be yours – in just 3 weeks!

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Workout Insights Get The Most Out Of Your Efforts

Doing a ball and bands workout allows you to work more muscles in a variety of ways – all at the same time! Moves done on a stability ball move effectively tone muscles than when done on the floor or a bench, and allow your body to move in all directions, not just linearly. This means you tone the front, back and sides of the muscles – all in one movement! The ball also works your core with almost any exercise you are doing, giving your midsection that much more of a workout. The results? A leaner, more toned body in less time! Other benefits of a ball and bands workout include:

  • Better posture – stand tall and feel great!
  • Improved balance, coordination and flexibility
  • Less stress on your joints than traditional workouts
  • A convenient workout plan – the equipment (and e-book!) is portable, so do the plan anywhere!
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Bonus Workouts 6 Exclusive Ball and Bands Workouts!

When you join now, you will also get access to 6 workouts designed for the ball and bands! Firm your upper body, work those legs and thighs, focus on your core, do a relaxing stretching routine, add a daily yoga ball and band practice to your lifestyle, and lengthen with a Pilates workout. Plus 3, 30-minute cardio workouts for a well-rounded fitness routine!

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