Remember Small steps add up in the long run!

What You Get 6 DVDs and 14 Workouts To Keep You Inspired and Engaged

Choose from stretching, toning, cardio, Barre & dance workouts to keep your body guessing. You’ll never get bored with so many different workouts to choose from! Best of all, my motivation and simple instructions will help the workouts zip by in no time!

Disc 1 Strengthen & Tone

Shape Up With Me • 36 Min

Total Body Toning • 36 Min

Disc 2 Toning

Complete Total Body Toning • 50 Min

Firm, Fit & Fabulous • 33 Min

Disc 3 Toning, Barre & Dance

Strength Training • 36 Min

Barre Toning • 31 Min

Mother & Daughter Dance • 10 Min

Disc 4 Cardio & Dance

Walk With Me • 36 Min

Fat Blasting Cardio • 36 Min

Supercharged Cardio Burn • 31 Min

Disc 5 Cardio & Dance

Ultimate Fat Burning Cardio • 36 Min

High Energy Fat Blasting Cardio • 36 Min

Disc 6 Cardio, Toning & Stretching

Beachy Bootcamp • 36 Min

Yoga • 50 Min

Get Results Tone Up, Lose Weight, Get Fit

Get Fit, Get Confident!

Give yourself something great! Let me give you the guidance and inspiration you need to get fitter, healthier and stronger – all with the convenience of DVD workouts! I will be there each day to help you… all you have to do is try it to believe it!